2. yrfrndmx:

    drawing assignment


  3. yrfrndmx:

    this is one of those “made for class and probably shouldn’t be online” comics but those are all i got these days. cartoon school, am i right


  4. yrfrndmx:

    it continues to be garage island


  5. yrfrndmx:

    it’s garage island


  6. yrfrndmx:

    i drew a jughead fancomic and gave some copies to a couple stores around here to give out for free, with the idea that i could make a free zine series out of different artists’ “takes” on jughead?? possibly a goony idea but i think i roped william into doing issue #2 anyway. thx will. anyway if you want a copy of this on paper Ask® me your address or something. if you want to draw an 8-page comic about jughead i will probably definitely print it and put it in at least two nyc-area comic book stores.


  7. yrfrndmx:

    i did some album art for a buddy’s pop punk band, available now on bandcamp and spotify


  8. yrfrndmx:

    one more for 2k13. for the zine “gridlock”

    peace out this year, i did not make enough comics during you


  9. yrfrndmx:

    here’s frog case, a new tennell leffitt story i made for class. now that it is done i can get back to that other one.

    feels weird to say but if you like this you should reblog it or something, that’d be raw.


  10. yrfrndmx:

    half-remembered con report (for a class)